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Dusty Pink Angels

Black Moonstone Crystal T Lights

Black Moonstone Crystal T Lights

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Black Moonstone Crystal T Lights ðŸ•ŊïļðŸ–Ī🌚🌙💕 It is not wrong to say that everyone has to deal with emotional baggage in their life once in a while. Emotional issues can hinder personal growth and development, whether these are deep emotional issues or just on the surface. The good news is that you can use Black Moonstone to heal from emotional issues and achieve lasting results. Its healing properties help the wearer to get to the deepest part of their feelings and face them with grounding, courage, and intuition. 🌚🌙💕 #black #moonstone #bracelets #intuition #courage #moon #grounding #tealight #tlights #home #homedecor

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