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Black Obsidian Points

Black Obsidian Points

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ðŸ–ĪðŸ–ĪðŸ–Ī Black Obsidian Points ðŸ–Ī💎🙏🏞 Considered a very personal Crystal of protection, Obsidian is generally kept and worn by one person only. It is a marvelous talisman to shield gentle souls and those who are highly sensitive. Wear as jewellery or carry to keep others from offloading their problems onto you or making excessive demands on your time ðŸ–Ī Black Obsidian is an excellent rescue remedy for shock, traumas, and blockages, and may be placed at the feet for anchoring during times of turmoil. It is an excellent tool for therapists and counselors for quickly getting to the root of a problem, and for absorbing energies released as a result. It blocks geopathic stress and soaks up environmental pollution, and should be cleansed under running water on a regular basis ðŸ–Ī #black #obsidian #blackobsidian #points #protection

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