Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp 🕯

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps 🕯

1) They purify the air in the home

2) Relief of allergies and asthma

3) They neutralise the harmful effects of positive ions

4) They combat electromagnetic radiation

5) Stress reduction

6) Better quality of sleep

7) Greater ability to concentrate and improve mood

8 ) Reduction of static electricity in the air

9) A greater sense of energy

10) Treat seasonal affective disorder

Healing properties of the Himalayan salt lamps allow you to clean and purify the air in the home and counteract the radiation from electronic devices 🕯🙏🏼🔮💎👼🏼💞 #saltlamp #himalayan #himalayansalt #lamp #candle #tlight #healing #decor #home #interiordesign #crystals