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Dusty Pink Angels

Luxullianite Crystal Bracelets

Luxullianite Crystal Bracelets

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ðŸĪĐðŸ“ŋ Luxullianite Crystal Bracelets ðŸ“ŋðŸ”Ū💎👞🏞ðŸĪĐâĪïļðŸ™ðŸž Luxullianite is known as the 'Crystal of a Lifetime'. It brings support, grounding, peace and balance through daily changes, challenges, and events âĪïļ Luxullianite is a rare type of pink/orange Granite with sprays of Black Tourmaline found in it. (Rather confusingly, it is also known as Luxulianite, Luxulyanite and Luxurianite ! ) It is named after the village of Luxulyan in Cornwall where it come from 🏝🏖💞 Luxullianite promotes self-confidence and instils in us a more positive attitude towards life. It helps us to let go of negative scepticism and helps us to find new, exciting and sometimes unorthodox ways in which we can attain the goals we have set ourselves. It helps us to see the "big picture" of life and to see things in a much clearer and rational way. Luxullianite helps us to be much more diplomatic and also helps us to sort out problems straight away rather than simply ignoring them until they become even bigger problems. It is also said to help those who are dyslexic and to help us to locate lost items. Luxullianite is also beneficial for those who suffer from tension or extreme stress. âĪïļðŸ–Ī #Luxullianite #crystals #bracelets #cornwall

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