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Dusty Pink Angels

Ruby & Sapphire Bead Bracelets 💙💕

Ruby & Sapphire Bead Bracelets 💙💕

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New Ruby & Sapphire Bead Bracelets 💕💕💕 Ruby 💕 A Crystal of joy, vigour and love of life. Brings enthusiasm, and alleviates lethargy and exhaustion. Also, has a balancing effect on hyperactivity. 💕 Ruby 💕âĪïļ one of the most precious Crystals in the entire world 💎ðŸ”Ū🌎 Rubies have an intense inner power that can give you the strength to take risks and try new things âĪïļðŸ’™ Sapphire calms the mind and helps you to focus. It also deals with unwanted thoughts and is a good choice for anyone seeking to deal with over-thinking or over-analysing. 💎 Sapphire eases mental tension, brings peace and tranquility, restores balance and harmony to the layers of the biofield or aura, and aligns the spiritual plane with the physical.

Sapphire releases negative thought patterns and depression. It stimulates concentration, brings prosperity, and attracts gifts of all kinds 💝🎁 #sapphire #ruby #crystals #strength #gifrs #crystalhealing #trynewthings #bracelets #jewelry #jewellery

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