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Selenite Cord Cutting Wands

Selenite Cord Cutting Wands

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Selenite Cord Cutting Wands 🪄
Ideal for aura cleansing and cutting off energy ties 🗡️

Slice through negative energy with this wonderful Selenite Cord Cutting Wand 🗡️🪄 Selenite is perfect for all types of energy cleansing and helps to clear, protect and shield the aura as well as clear the energy of other Crystals and your home.
These beautiful wands do not cut anything physically instead they are a wonderful tool for energy work such as releasing negative energy, cleansing, and channeling energy.
Selenite swords/ cord cutting wands are ideal to use in cord cutting rituals. Energetic Cords are created through thoughts, emotions, overstepped boundaries etc and sometimes we pick up bonds with others that do not serve our highest good.
Cutting these invisible cords helps us to cleanse ourselves of this unwanted energy.
Cutting cords doesn’t mean you are cutting someone out of your life but cutting yourself off from their energy helps you to stay grounded in your own space and protects from energy drainage.

1. Cleanse your space
2. Close your eyes and focus on where abouts you feel the unwanted energy
4. 4. Visualise yourself pulling that energy out of you with your hands
6. Use the Selenite wand to cut the invisible energy cord
7. Replace the energy cord with positive thoughts
8. Take some time to reflect, forgive, and appreciate.
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