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Dusty Pink Angels

Unicorn Crystal Hearts 💜💗ðŸĶ„

Unicorn Crystal Hearts 💜💗ðŸĶ„

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ðŸĪ“ Interesting note - This Crystal has forever been called "Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite". Around the beginning of last year a seller in the USA decided to market this as "Unicorn Stone". The name they made up has most definitely caught on and now you'll see lots of Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite being sold as "Unicorn Stone" ! ðŸĶ„ðŸĶ„ðŸĶ„ Pink Tourmaline is said to be a Crystal with aphrodisiac qualities. It brings love to us in this world and gives us the assurance that it is safe to love both someone else and also to love ourselves. It helps us to share physical pleasure and can balance the personality where there is either too much aggression or too much passivity. It helps to energise the sacral Chakra and increases our creativity. It can help to promote single-mindedness but still allow us to be flexible enough to make sure that the goals we have in sight are the correct ones for us. Pink Tourmaline can make us more sociable, charming and outgoing. It helps with clearing emotional pain and old destructive feelings. It promotes a feeling of peace & joy, and because of this, is useful through periods of change in our lives. Lepidolite is a calming and uplifting Crystal that brings us serenity. It relieves stress and worry, dispels negativity, stops obsessive thoughts and can help us when we feel despondent. It helps us to calm our mind, forget our concerns for a while, relax, enjoy and take time to smell the roses. Lepidolite is an excellent Crystal for warding off depression, stabilising mood swings and treating bi-polar disorder. Lepidolite is also excellent for making changes in our lives, in fact it is sometimes called "The Stone of Transition". It helps to stimulate our intellect. makes us more analytical, helps us to focus on what is truly important to us and speeds up our decision making processes. Working with Lepidolite we can learn to re-organise our behaviour patterns, develop our own independence, release ourselves from addictions and other dependencies, and make our own way in the world. ðŸĶ„ðŸĶ„ðŸĶ„ #unicorn #lepidolite #pinktourmaline #crystalhealing #crystalshop #crystallove #heart #healing #love

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