Apatite Crystal Bracelets 💎🙏🏼

Apatite Crystal Bracelets 💎🙏🏼

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Apatite Crystal 💎🙏🏼
A great appetite suppressor, strengthens people experiencing weakness and fatigue and it can clear away confusion.

Apatite is truly one of the most efficient Crystals when trying to lose weight and suppress your appetite. Reduce stress, increase productivity, increase new cell production, heals bones and teeth, repairs cartilage, supports the joints, arthritis, helps with dizziness and vertigo. 🥰💎

This Crystal is great for the following reasons ~

Nurtures the intellect, expands cosmic awareness, knowledge, and truth
Stimulates physic abilities and clairvoyance ve 🔮
Decreased energy depletion
Develops motor skills and stability
Opens the third eye chakra and throat chakra
Assists you with lucid dreams and astral travel 💎🙏🏼

Are you trying to improving your current emotional state? Apatite can strengthen your self-confidence, enhance and awakens creativity. Wearing a bracelet or earrings can help clear the path for negativity and overcome self-consciousness.

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