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Dusty Pink Angels

Bedroom Crystal grid set

Bedroom Crystal grid set

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Loving Bedroom Crystal grid 💕🛏ðŸŒđ to create a loving, warm, joyful, happy, soothing, peaceful space for you to relax, sleep & recharge your energy ðŸŒđ🛏ðŸ˜ī 4 x Rose Quartz Crystals for each corner
of your room & 1 natural Rose Quartz Crystal for the centre of your room/ grid (under your bed)ðŸŒđðŸŒđ💎ðŸŒđðŸŒđ the 5 Crystals work lovingly together to fill your room with a powerful loving, healing vibrational energy 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #bedroom #energy #love #crystals #crystalgrid #loveyou #quartz #rosequartz

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