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Cinnamon Incense

Cinnamon Incense

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The best known effect of this incense is prosperity. This aroma attracts the good vibrations of money, prosperity and abundance to your physical, spiritual, and environmental body. When you light the incense, you fill your home with the energy of success.
Another remarkable effect is sensuality. The sweet, woody scent of cinnamon is among the most sensual of all โ€“ it is no wonder that this ingredient is part of the composition of countless feminine perfumes. It increases libido, brings self-confidence towards your body and awakens the power of seduction.
Cinnamon incense still attracts physical and emotional well-being, reassures the environment, attracts good luck and joy to live. Its stimulating scent helps to combat depressive states and states of sadness, as it avoids pessimism. If you need more energy and more sensuality, light a Cinnamon incense.

For prosperity, light the cinnamon incense on the first day of every month and let the smoke run through every room of the house, especially at the front door.

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