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Crystal Labradorite Bowl āœØ

Crystal Labradorite Bowl āœØ

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New Crystal Labradorite Bowl āœØ Ā£55 each šŸ¤©

āœØāœØāœØ Wish Fulfillment āœØāœØāœØ Labradorite is often used for dream fulfillment because it acts as a mirror to the soul. It reflects what you are meant to do in life. šŸŖžāœØšŸ’•

It can bring visions of the future or remove negativity from your life.šŸ¤©

If someone has been experiencing nightmares or bad dreams, Labradorite can offer clarity about their situation and ease them into a peaceful sleep šŸ˜“

Labradorite also helps those who have faced abuse and neglect in childhood heal their wounds by giving them positive energy to move forward with their lives šŸ„°šŸ’•āœØšŸ™šŸ¼ #labradorite #wish #yoursoulpurpose #you #yourdreams #dream #clarity #crystals

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