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Dusty Pink Angels

Cute Black Obsidian Arrowheads

Cute Black Obsidian Arrowheads

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New Cute Black Obsidian Arrowheads ðŸ–Ī🙏🏞ðŸ”Ū💎 This is the Talisman of those who dare to see. It is natures mirror formed from volcanic glass that cooled so quickly no crystals formed. A powerful stone of protection acting as a shield from negativity or even psychic attack. Its a grounding and cleansing stone. This Shamanic stone can be butal and direct as nothing can be hidden from Obsidian. Used by mesoamericans polished into mirrors and valued for the ability to communicate with other world entities as well as a high status symbol. Great for catharsis, recovery from trauma or shock. Can be used for sprains and injuries, pain relief and accelerating healing of wounds. #black #obsidian #blackobsidian #protection #arrow #arrowhead #clairvoyant #psychicreading #psychic #witch #witchesofinstagram #witchyvibes #crystalball #whitewitch #magic

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