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Dusty Pink Angels

Dragon’s Blood Jasper Hearts

Dragon’s Blood Jasper Hearts

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🐲🐉💚❤️ 💚❤️🐲🐉 Dragon’s Blood Jasper encourages us to be diligent and finish the tasks that we set out to do. It release both fears of failure and fears of success, replacing them with a steady journey towards excellence. Dragon’s Blood Jasper helps us to “grow up” in our spiritual and earthly lives and be capable of taking on more personal responsibility. Likewise, it encourage us to give other people the freedom to walk their own paths without interference. Dragon’s Blood Jasper asks us to focus on what’s truly important for our happiness and growth. It helps us to put our knowledge into action and to live our faith in our everyday lives. Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a wonderful Crystal to work with when we are trying to understand and change our relationships with other people. Dragon’s Blood Jasper reminds us that real love magnifies what is good and allows us space to grow. Real love doesn’t reduce us or leave us feeling stuck. 🐲🐉❤️💚 #dragon #dragonsblood #jasper #hearts #crystal

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