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Dusty Pink Angels

Epidote Crystals

Epidote Crystals

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Epidote Medium Crystals 🍃🍀💚 Epidote amplifies your highest vibrations, helping you to transform your life in a multitude of ways. It teaches to walk, talk, and think as our Highest Self. Epidote has a very loving and forgiving energy, inviting you to let go of anything that holds you back from enjoying life and living with passion and integrity. It ignites in you a passion for personal improvement, urging you to honestly assess your strengths and weakness and to pursue your dreams accordingly. Epidote is a powerful manifestation tool, as it helps to increase anything positive which already exists in our lives, whether that be love, money, or anything else that brings us Light! By raising our spiritual vibration and helping us to become more self-confident, we become the masters of our own fate and, as such, capable of great things 🍀💚🍃 #epidote #crystals #manifest #manifestation #fate #vibration #love #light #crystals #positivevibes

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