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Dusty Pink Angels

Hematite Freeform Bracelets

Hematite Freeform Bracelets

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Success and Winning ~ Wearing Hematite will attract wisdom into your life and gainful opportunities will open up in your career. You will be confident in your decision making and see your career or academics excel.
Calmness ~ If you find it difficult to calm down in stressful situations, wearing Hematite will bring you relaxation and calmness by grounding away your negative thoughts. Hematite is ideal for positivity and good thoughts as it stops negative self-talk too. Hematite imbues the meaning of balance and is known as the harmony Crystal. It brings many metaphysical attributes into your life as a grounding Crystal that keeps negativity away from you and can prevent evil energies from touching you. 🙏🏞💊🏞 #hematite #crystalhealing #crystal #crystallove #crystaljewellery #grounding #success #positivity #protection

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