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Dusty Pink Angels

Honey Calcite Chunks 🍯✨

Honey Calcite Chunks 🍯✨

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🍯 Honey Calcite is an excellent Crystal to meditate with since it boosts energy and psychic abilities, directly impacting the Third-Eye and Crown chakras. 🍯

One of the best Honey Calcite affirmation is …. ‘I accept divine guidance!’. Honey Calcite connects deeply to this universe, meaning that its primary energy source links with the divine. 🍯💛💫✨👼🏼

When meditating with this Crystal, make sure you concentrate on receiving guidance from your gods, angels, spirit guidance, or higher self. You’ll be surprised by the valuable information you’ll receive! 🙏🏼👼🏼💛💫🍯 #honey #calcite #meditation #meditate #angels #universe #divine

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