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Large Chakra Crystal Tree (Amethyst Base)

Large Chakra Crystal Tree (Amethyst Base)

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Large Chakra Crystal Tree (Amethyst Base) ðŸĪĐ Chakra Crystal Trees ðŸŒģ🌈 Crystal Trees are a beautiful way to bring balance and harmony into your life ðŸŒģ🌈âœĻ🧘‍♀ïļðŸ”Ū👞🏞💎 Trees are symbols of growth, abundance, longevity, and vitality ~ all things that a feng shui tree brings into your life with its presence. Crystals on the other hand, contain specific energies that bring about different benefits.

Combining these two important symbols, Crystal trees have become a powerful tool to bring harmony into homes and workspaces.

Many consider these trees to have healing, purifying, and protective energies that can help improve life.

If you ever feel stuck in some areas of your life – finances, work, health, or love – you might find help in these gemstone trees ðŸŒģ🌈

For years, many people have been using crystal trees as a feng shui cure to shift the energy of a space and the people living there. At the same time, they also use these tools as an enhancer, amplifying the positive flow of chi in their homes.

When positive energy is thriving, it helps manifest your intentions. 🌈ðŸŒģ #chakra #crystals #trees #treeoflife #tree #home #fengshui #healing #chi #balance #homedecor

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