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Lemon Chrysoprase crystals 🍋💚💕

Lemon Chrysoprase crystals 🍋💚💕

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🍋💚 Lemon Chrysoprase is Chrysoprase with white Jasper, giving it a lemon sherbet colour, similar properties to regular chrysoprase, but soft, gentle and very mood lifting.

In addition to the general properties of Chrysoprase is profoundly mood-lifting, cheering, supportive and healing for the spirit, so makes an excellent ally in times of depression or sadness, and when coping with the darker, more challenging periods of life. It can help us to let go of anger, and focus on the positive, rather than being overwhelmed by the negative, reminding us of what we have to be grateful for – definitely a ‘glass half full’ sort of crystal. Lemon Chrysoprase is the crystal that has the power to rid loneliness. It is known as a gemstone of love that brings in good relationships. If you already have a partner, it would make the bond between you two even stronger. 🙏🏼💕🍋💚 #lemon #chrysoprase #crystals

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