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Dusty Pink Angels

Luna Moon Rose Quartz Chunky Bracelet

Luna Moon Rose Quartz Chunky Bracelet

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💕🌙 Super Chunky Luna Moon Rose Quartz is a new and exciting Crystal from Africa 🌙🌛🌝🌚🌜ðŸŒđ💕âĪïļ Luna Quartz seems to bestows a depth of feeling and a gentleness that brings happiness to the holder/ wearer of the Crystal in a calm intuitive way ðŸŒđ🌙💕 Hold your Luna Quartz to your heart under the light of the full moon 🌝 & you may well experience a clarity of feelings that will surprise you with its perception of your innermost desires ðŸĪĐ ðŸ’•ðŸŒ™ #luna #lunamoon #lunaquartz #moonquartz #crystals #rose #pink #moon

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