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Peridot Bracelets

Peridot Bracelets

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Beautiful Peridot 💚ðŸĪĐ🍀âœĻ A powerful generator of the frequency of increase, this lovely talisman may be utilised to manifest abundance in all areas of your life ~ wealth, health, happiness and love 🍀💞 Associated with the sun ☀ïļ Peridot has been prized since the earliest civilisation for its protective powers to drive away the forces of darkness. Set in gold and worn around the neck or bound to the left arm, it was used as a charm against sorcery and magic, evil spirits, night terrors, and madness. It cured cowardice, calmed anger, as well as brightening the wit. Peridot is still celebrated for those virtues, protecting the aura, purifying the physical and subtle bodies, and alleviating emotional burdens, guilt and obsessions. It is particularly beneficial for overcoming fear, depression and other psychological disturbances, as well as releasing jealousies, resentment and spite in order to move forward. Peridot promotes responsibility and forgiveness, instilling confidence in your own abilities and reestablishing a sense of self-worth 💚#peridot #abundance #manifest #health #wealth #love #happiness #jewelry #green #lucky

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