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Rubellite Palms 💕💕💕

Rubellite Palms 💕💕💕

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New Rubellite 💕 also known as Red Tourmaline âĪïļ is a Crystal associated with the Root and Heart chakras. Its vibrant red colour symbolises passion, love, and courage. This powerful Crystal promotes emotional healing, particularly in matters of the heart. It acts as a protective Crystal, opening the heart to love and helping to clear karmic love bonds and debts. Rubellite strengthens the heart and fosters a deep connection with the love and heart of mother earth, enhancing life force and inspiring courage. It encourages individuals to stay committed to their true passions and desires, reigniting a sense of purpose and reconnecting with your inner fire. Overall, Rubellite is a Crystal that holds immense potential for emotional healing and connecting with the deepest desires of the heart âĪïļ #rebellite #tourmaline #love #heart #heartchakra #rootchakra #healing

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