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Selenite Charging Discs ⚪️

Selenite Charging Discs ⚪️

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Selenite vibrates at a super~high frequency, meaning it’s a very powerful healer ⚪️ Selenite Charging Discs are ideal for cleansing and charging your Crystals ⚪️ Use Selenite to cleanse ~
⚪️ Your energy 🧘‍♀️
⚪️ Your home 🏡
⚪️ Your belongings 💄💍
⚪️ Your Crystals 🔮💎👼🏼 ⚪️ In many traditions across the centuries, Selenite is believed to have powerful healing benefits. Some consider Selenite to be one of the most important Crystals in an energy worker’s toolkit. 👼🏼⚪️💎🔮

Not only is Selenite believed to carry potent energy that can provide protection and improve well-being, it’s also said to cleanse unwanted energies from your surroundings 🙏🏼⚪️👼🏼🔮💎 Selenite can boost mental clarity and open the door to your intuition 🔮 #selenite #angels #crystal #clarity #intuition #thirdeye #protection

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