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Red Bamboo Coral Necklace ❤️📿

Red Bamboo Coral Necklace ❤️📿

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❤️ Red Bamboo Coral Necklace with Silver 925 Clasp ❤️ ❤️📿Red Bamboo Coral evokes passion, romance, and strength. It is known to quiet emotions and bring peace within yourself. Using it can facilitate visualisation, imagination, intuition, and spiritual communication. It is believed that meditation with Coral allows people to connect their wisdom with ancient spiritual masters.
Historical Folklore ❤️
Red Bamboo Coral has been nicknamed “precious coral” for its rarity.
Often worn by children in the Middle Ages to protect them from evil, ancient civilisations used red coral for jewellery. It was also ground into a fine powder and mixed with various substances such as honey, milk, ghee, sugar, and other items to help cure illnesses. ❤️ Red Coral is a stone of the sea. It helps with life changes, growth, and diplomacy. Offering warm, feminine universal energy, the colour of coral is believed to provide protection from water elements, emotional issues, and psychic debris. ❤️🥰 #red #coral #bamboo #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalshop

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