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Virtual Crystal Healing Session

Virtual Crystal Healing Session

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I know that actually booking an ‘in person’ healing session can seem daunting, & sometimes we just don’t feel comfortable doing the self love/ healing work!!! (You might be time poor, don’t have childcare, feel to busy! To stressed! To guilty to book actual physical time out! Don’t like driving or parking! You might just love being at home!!!) So here is something a little special that I offer …. You can be in the comfort of your own home, relax, get comfy…. Wear your slobs … pop a face mask on! & just allow yourself the opportunity to be open to receive this divine Crystal healing virtually 🙏🏼🙌🏼💕💎🔮👼🏼& trust me 🙏🏼 you’ll be so happy that you are at home because you will feel so relaxed & sleepy you might just fall into the best sleep of your life! (Unless you ask for a motivational success boost session 💪🏼🤩!) I will work with your needs 🙏🏼💕🥰 I practice Crystal healing virtually. The energy transcends time, space, ego — a screen is not going to block the flow 🙌🏼💎🔮👼🏼

The reason that we can do this remotely is because during the Crystal healing session, I evoke the ‘Distance Healing Crystals’ to help channel the energy in. In our third dimension we base it on time and distance, but in energy work such a thing does not exist and it is irrelevant where you are located. In energy work there is just space, energy and pure intent. We can thank Quantum Physics for that, We humans are entirely energetic and electromagnetic beings. We have energy flowing through us that we can say is in some ways electromagnetic radiation. For this reason, we may act as physical conductors of this system of energy flow.

Healing, wellness, and balance can only occur when someone stands in their personal power. It is a choice we all have, regardless of circumstance. Remember the beauty, power, and creativity you hold. Establish boundaries. Remember that you are a divine being of light that wears a crown. So fix your crown 👸🏼

In order to receive the best benefits from a session like this, it’s also important to be open to receiving energy.

Expand the mind, clear the body, and soothe the soul!

We have to open the door and invite it in 🚪 As a
Introductory price of £22.22 rrp £44.44 WhatsApp me to book your amazing virtual session & get ready for some next level frequency elevation 🤩🙌🏼

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